Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

NITMIX Wet Combing Aid (100ml) NITMIX Wet Combing Aid (100ml)
Use NITMIX Wet Combing Aid to detect and remove head lice and eggs easily and gently. Be free of head lice and nits without fuss or tears and without a drop of poison in sight.

Each bottle will clear a head of shoulder length hair. For very long or thick hair order an additional bottle. Makes combing even the most difficult hair a breeze!

Price:   £5.95 / $9.76


PURE NITMIX Daily Spray (10ml) PURE NITMIX Daily Spray (10ml)
The scent of PURE NITMIX Daily Spray keeps your children's clean, healthy, hair lice free. This concentrate is diluted and either rinsed or sprayed into the hair.

Each bottle is enough to last 2-3 school terms. Break the head lice cycle for good!

Price:   £7.15 / $11.73


Ultra Fine Head Louse Comb Ultra Fine Head Louse Comb
Don't waste your time and effort because your comb is letting you down, you need the finest comb you can get! This is it- The NITMIX Ultra Fine Comb. Specially designed to be used with NITMIX Wet Combing Aid.

Rake out the tiniest head lice and the toughest nits. Show no mercy, get 'em out now!

Price:   £2.75 / $4.51


NITMIX Daily Sprayer NITMIX Daily Sprayer
Don't have a spare spray handy? Use this ideal sprayer to keep the fresh smell of NITMIX in your kids hair. Has filling and mixing instructions together with an easy action and good spray coverage.

A daily application of diluted PURE NITMIX Daily Spray helps keep head lice at bay!

Price:   £2.75 / $4.51