Head lice treatment from NITMIX

  Are Head Lice Still
      Driving You Crazy?

Is this you right now?

  • Head lice are back again and again every 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Harsh head lice treatments causing tears and tantrums.
  • Strong chemicals have damaged your child's hair and skin.
  • You are wasting hours cleaning the house and washing linens.
  • You are getting unhelpful, unsympathetic advice that isn't working.
  • Other parents are blaming you for their children's head lice problems.
  • Other children keep giving head lice back to your children.

Frustrating isn't it?

That's why we created NITMIX head lice treatment.

  • Registered in the USA with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    for your peace of mind. (Registration Number 9062353)

I wanted to thank you so much for creating a product that WORKS and thatís safe on my children. My daughter had lice come back for a total of 4 months, and I refused to put any more chemicals on her head. NITMIX was my last resort before shaving my daughterís head. I followed the directions diligently and it was the ONLY thing that worked for us. Iíve recommended your product to MANY people. Thank you again!
Christine Brown, USA
19th Novemember 2006
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Three reasons to trust NITMIX head lice treatment

  1. NITMIX has solved thousands of cases of head lice in over 50 countries.

  2. Hundreds of testimonials; Let your family be the next success!

  3. You get our -

"Defeat Head lice, With No Tears or Tantrums, In Less Than 14 Days
...Or Your Money Back"

15 Years of our knowledge to you....... FREE!

We just can't put all our information here on the home page so we have added these extra pages of advice to help you beat head lice.

Getting rid of head lice is not about finding some wonder product that will magic head lice away. It's about seeing the problem clearly and learning how to do things that are effective. Once you have discovered these secrets you will see head lice for what they really are, just a few harmless little critters.

Some more head lice treatment successes:

Good morning John, We have been using your product since September of this year and I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how happy we are with your product. We have been fighting lice in our home for 3 years now, starting each new school year and ending when they are out of school for summer break - very frustrating. I have tried almost everything out there and have to say that none of it has been as fabulous as your product. All of the others were a temporary fix (and I mean VERY temporary), and yours has rid us of lice for good. The other great thing about your product is I know it is not harming my children like the other products were - and it smells great!!! We use the spray every morning, and I have no more worries about my kids attending parties with classmates, or enjoying sleepovers with their friends.

When reading the synopsis you give on your website of the stressed mother who is battling this never-ending problem with it affecting her job, her family and her sanity was like reading about me! I felt helpless and at my wits end - and then I found you!!! Thank you so much for all of the great advice you have provided on your website, along with the answers to my multitude of questions through email before ordering. It means more than I can express in words. My home life has returned to normal, my kids are so happy to be done with the endless hours of checking and picking at their heads and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from us all. You are a God send and I cannot thank you enough!

I also have to admit that I am a sceptic by nature, and was hesitant of ordering a product off of the internet, but I am so thankful every day that I did! I will continue to be a repeat customer and have passed the information for your website, along with copies of your pamphlet to so many of my friends, as well as the school where my children attend with glowing recommendations. If you get an increased number of orders from Canada, don't be surprised :) Thanks again!!!!
Shari, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
30th October 2008
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"Hello John & Jacquie. I just ordered another regime for the treatment of head lice. My daughter's 4th grade class has had another outbreak and, thanks to your wonderful product, I no longer fear the hassle, no longer experience the stress of continued outbreaks of head lice, and am passing the word on to other parents in my daughter's school, again!!. Thanks for making this as stress-free as possible!!! "
Jackie C, Port Monmouth, NJ
8th April 2004
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"Dear sir, Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I used Nitmix on the very same day, and found approx 10 live lice on my daughters hair, even though I had treated it with Full Marks. I used Nitmix for the third time on Thursday and was delighted to see Rebecca has got a clean head and very shiney hair.

I have recommended the product to parents and teachers at Olive Hill School who have asked for details of the product which I am willing giving out. If you have any flyers I would be more than pleased to distribute them. Many thanks indeed, Beverly."
Mrs Lowe, West Midlands,
17th October 2003
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"Thank You!, I would just like to say your product (NITMIX) is great! I also would like to thank you for your fast and kind service. My first Bottle of nitmix was damaged in the mail, and it was very promptly replaced, not many places would have done that. I really appreciate that!

So far we have been Lice Free! There were 45 children out of school a month ago. That is 45 out of 200. I honestly believe my child has not gotten lice because of your product. I have told everyone I know about this wonderful product. Again thank you so much!"
Pam Hamilton, Ashabula Ohio,
20th September 2002
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OK, are you ready to be free of head lice?

All children are likely to get head lice at some time, it is perfectly natural and normal. Don't worry that you have done anything wrong, you haven't.

Get equipped with the right tools and the right information and get rid of those unwelcome visitors and then keep them from returning with NITMIX.

Once you have beaten head lice your confidence will return and you will see head lice for what they really are - yucky but harmless!

It really is that simple.

John Owen - nitmix

John Owen, CEO, NITMIX Ltd

John Owen CEO of NITMIX Ltd
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P.S Anthing we didn't cover? Then just Contact Us and we will answer all your head lice questions for FREE.

P.P.S. If we don't rid of your head lice we will refund your money. (Want that in writing? See our Terms of Service page.)

P.P.P.S Please keep us posted about your progress. Even after all these years your success stories still brighten up the office!

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